Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A most exciting project

Headway Arts won the VONNE Award for the Most Exciting Project for their work on the Opening Doors Project.

Headway Theatre Company
Pic: Left to Right - Alison Walton-Robson and Frances Castle from Headway Theatre Company, presented award by
Penny Wilkinson, Northern Rock Foundation

Well done everyone who was involved in the project, this award is for you all - for working so hard, for trying new things, for venturing to new lands, for pushing comfort zones, for firmly grasping the handle and opening those doors

You are fantastic!

Keep up the good work!!

Very best to you all across the miles, we are thinking of you.

Alison Walton-Robson

Creative Director -Headway Arts

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Opening doors in Malta

This is what Opening doors Malta has been up to since the end of our Grundtvig project:

Monday, 11 October 2010


Hello to you all at St James Centre, Valletta and The Cultural Centre, Leopoldsburg.

So how are you all?
What is happening with you?
What have you all been up to?
Are you working on any exciting theatre?

We would love to hear from you.

Seven Stars will let you know all their latest news soon.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Wishes from us all at Headway, England.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Steve, Ally and Fran,

I've been trying to e-mail you guys for the past 4 days, but the mails can't be delivered to your adress. Are you guys having e-mail problems?


Friday, 29 May 2009

Videos from Belgium

Hi everyone!

Our camera-guy Jeroen has made some short montages with the Belgian footage. Most of the footage is from the Belgian festival, but there's also a short piece about the Malta & UK festival.

You can find all the clips at: http://www.jeroenpeys.be/TRANSFER/OPENINGDOORS

Have fun!

team Belgium

Thursday, 7 May 2009

memories....and building blocks for our future!

Maltese warm and sunny greetings

Hi everyone!

Since our return from Belgium, we have had a chance to share our experience with the rest of the group, see the photos together and begin to plan for our future!! All are hoping to be able to travel again to have the chance of visiting both England and Belgium. During today's session we spent some time to write you all messages as we all think very fondly of our time in Leopoldsburg and Newcastle. Thank you all for being such great hosts. Here are our messages:

From the group who went to Belgium:
From Andrew:

I wish to watch the Belgian performance again. I wish to come to Belgium again to have fun. I mostly wish to see Wim again because he is a good man. I mostly enjoyed bowling and that I went to the city to buy chocolate.
Thanks and good wishes

From Jason:

I love Mariano and I wish to come to Belgium again Mariano. We all had good performances.

From Priscilla:

I wish to go to Belgium again because I love you. I felt good when I played the part of the wind and the fairy.

From Joseph:
I enjoyed it because I saw much green and trees. I enjoyed eating.

From Isabel:
Hello Mariano and An,
How are you?
I like the Belgian performance and the others. I liked the Belgian performance most because in it there were some cushions and the cushions were organised.
I like Belgian fries and Belgian sausage. I miss you.. I like chocolate pudding and rice pudding. I like Belgian food because it is different from Malta.
Mariano, I miss you, I love you.
An, I miss you and I like Belgium very much.
love from

From Sean:
Hi all the Belgian team. I'm Sean and I want to tell you that I had much fun in those 4 days even though the first day was only travelling. I enjoyed the city of Mol and the other places where we went. And although we were travelling, I saw much countryside and rivers and I enjoyed the atomium, and the square of Brussels, and the mannequin pis and the closed market. I hope to come again and visit other places like Bruges and Antwerp.
The performance of England was very good. I enjoyed it very much.
from Sean

From Alison:
I enjoyed it. I played the mermaid well. The performance of the English was good.

From the group who went to England:
From Caroline:
I remember the Chinese noodles and the street party in England. Bye Steve and the entire team.

From Laura:
Chris, I missed you. I wish to go abroad again. I enjoyed it very much. I wish to come again.

From Alison:
David, send me a message when you want. I wish to see you again sweet one. I liked your performance a lot. I love you David. God willing you will come to Malta. If you come I wish to see you.

From David:
On Wednesday we did the performance and we ate Chinese noodles. On Thursday we went on the tour and did the performance. On Friday we went to London to go to the airport and back to Malta.

That's all folks! we'll be in touch soon again we hope and we look forward to all of your news.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Hi everyone!

The Belgian participants all enjoyed the Belgium Opening Doors Festival. So they're all very excited to tell you about their experiences. No time to waste, here are the reactions from the Belgian participants:

I loved it that you were in Belgium! I really hope to see you all again as real artists!

Hi everyone from Malta
I loved it very much that you were in Belgium. We had a lot of fun with you. I thought your play from Malta was very beautiful. I was very glad to see you all again. You are very nice people who have a lot of fun with us.

Hi everyone from England
You were always bright and happy. I was so happy that you came from England to see us again. Your play was also very nice and I had a lot of fun on the little train.

kind regards,
An from Belgium

Hi Isabel,
I'm so happy that I saw you again. I hope we'll never forget eachother and that maybe I can see you again one time. These 3 days we did some lovely things together, like sitting on the train trough Leopoldsburg.
I hope that you enjoyed being with us.


Dear people from Malta & England,
It was great to have you over here in Leopoldsburg.
I got to know a lot of nice people.
Bowling together was lots of fun and so was the little train ride.
The workshops to get to know eachother were also very nice.
Kris from England, I'm happy to have met you. You made funny jokes at the airport.
Also greetings to Ally, thanks for comforting me.
And lots of greets to Paula. It was great meeting you! You became a good friend of mine. Thanks for your comfort at the airport.
And also kind regards to Steve and the rest!


A very big hi to everyone, especially "the Kris"!
Jean-Marie the bus driver

I loved the play about the sea. They danced very nice and the mermaid was beautiful!
I had a lot of fun posing for the picture on the stage with everyone together.

Best Wishes,

Hi everyone from England and Malta. Both of you played very good! The English were very funny, especially when Steve fell.
It was so nice that both the Maltese and the English were visiting us and that we know them all very good now.
It was also a lot of fun to participate in the workshops from Steve and Louise.


Hi Ann from Malta,
The whole group from Malta was very sweet, especially Ann. They danced with us at the party. I had a good time at the "frietkot" and in Brussels. It was fun to eat and drink.
I miss you, Ann.
The group from Malta and sweet Ann, thank you!

miss you...

I really enjoyed you guys being here.
I had a great time in Brussels.
Steve is funny.


I loved your visit to Belgium.
lots of greetings

Steve, I think you're a little rascal. :-)
We'll miss every one of you!
I liked it that you were here.
I don't really know what else to say, so I drew a big heart.


It was great to see you again. I still often think about the time when we visited Malta.

Malta, your play was very beautiful!
Your dancing was so nice, you did a very good job!

The English were so funny! Especially in the beginning!
Steve makes me laugh!
See ya!

We miss you!
We all enjoyed it.
I had a good time!
We had lots of fun.

lots of love,

Dear Sara,

When will I see you again? Because I really miss you!
You were my friend!
You did a very good job on stage, I loved it!
When are you going to write me a letter?


My stay in England was super!
I'm glad that I got the opportunity to play there!
I was so happy to see you again, I will never forget that.


We loved the trip to Brussels, especially Manneke & Jeanneke Pis.
Our time in Malta was too short, everyone was so nice to us!
Last week it was great to meet everyone again.
We wish we'll see you all again one day.

Frieda & Marcel